To-And-Fro Gaining Breakaway - Shaky Ground

To have it all right

When it comes to clinical trials its very important that it goes well and that it is right numbers, so there won't be any problems in the future.
To have biostatistics is something that is very interesting. It is interesting how many different jobs there are out there. There are so many thins that we can work with and that makes it very interesting. Sometimes its hard to know what you want to work with, but it is also very important that you can keep on searching for what you want to do.

How to know what to choose?

That can be very hard somethings so what can you do to find out? Well, there are a few things that you can do and some of that is to try different jobs. If there is something thats you think you would enjoy many then you can try it snd see what you thought about that. And if that wasn't as fun as you thought maybe you can try another job and so on. That way you will see what it its that you would like to study and then later become.
So its good not to rush in to something to fast, its better to take your time and see what it is that you really want to do.
That way you will be more content with your job and you will feel that you are on the right place in life, and thats important that you feel. That can be very different from person to person so find your own way and see what it it that you want to to with your life and what it is that you want to work with.
Mabi it is with biostatistics or clinical trials, who knows? But you have to try and then figure out what to do.